What Happens in FL3X?

FL3X will last for a year and a half. If you take part, you will be placed in one of two groups (“standard” or “coaching”). If you are in the standard group, you will continue with your usual diabetes care. If you are in the coaching group, you will meet with a health coach in addition to your usual diabetes care.

Both groups will have five measurement visits to:

  • ask about your diabetes, health and lifestyle, and
  • check your height, weight, blood pressure, A1c, cholesterol, and
  • check glucose using continuous glucose monitoring (CGM).

You will receive money for your time and effort for each of the five visits over the 18-month study. You will also receive compensation for wearing and sending back the CGM three times during the study. Parents will receive compensation for time and effort for each main study visit as well.

What will happen in the health coach session?

If you are placed in the coaching group, your health coach will:

  • meet with you to give extra help with controlling blood sugars,
  • help you identify barriers that get in the way of managing your diabetes, and
  • help you learn to balance your diabetes care with your day-to-day activities

Contact your local FL3X site to find out more!